Totem Visual is the design studio of Jordan Dolheguy, and is based in Melbourne, Australia.
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2015: Freelance Designer at TCYK
2015: Freelance Designer at Between Two
2015: Freelance Designer at MASH
2015: Freelance Designer at Confetti
2015: Freelance Designer at Right Angle Studios
2015: Freelance Designer at the NGV
2014 – 2015: Creative at Dust
2013 – 2014: Freelance Designer at Famous VS
2013 – 2014: Freelance Designer at Never Now
2013: Freelance Designer at Duo Duo
2012 – 2013: Freelance Designer at U-P (formerly Cöop)
2012 – 2013: Freelance Designer at Marilyn & Sons
2012: Freelance Designer at Right Angle Studios
2008 – 2011: Designer at Famous VS


Pitch Zine
Interview feature with online publication

Library Paper
Comissioned artwork and article for UK art/design publication

Desktop Magazine
‘Totem Visual vs Confetti Studio’, interview exchange with Confetti Studio

‘Tomorrows Aesthetics Today’, article by Michael Bodjkowski

Desktop Magazine
‘Flash Forward’, article and artwork submission as Totem


Chapter House Lane
Former board member of non-for-profit art space in the Melbourne CBD,
alongside Louise Klerks and Amy Rudder


Product Placement
Seventh Gallery, Fitzroy

Higher Arc Issue 3 Launch
Murray White Room, Melbourne

Odessa Creative Space, Fitzroy

Higher Arc Issue 2 Launch
Murray White Room, Melbourne

Swap Meet
Seventh Gallery, Fitzroy

Family Ties
Tinning Street Gallery, Brunswick

A Thousand Shipwrecks
No Vacancy Gallery, CBD

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12" Sleeve for the EP 'Tall Stories' by World's End Press, released on Liberation. Inspired by the art of François Morellet.

Box set packaging for 'Alignment', released as a limited three-copy art project by New Zealand sound artist, David Higson.
Rich in symbolism, the project called for finding links between the track titles and the numerological and astrological meanings around them.
Record one was based around the Sun and solar energy, record two was based on Saturn (the body), and record three on the Earth & Moon. The three were designed to form a syzygy, or planetary alignment.
Each outer sleeve was realised through embossing exclusively; no ink.
Produced in collaboration with Luke Brown.

Worked as part of the creative team at DUST, in collaboration with Luke Brown, from conception to realisation as a physical space, located at 114 Russell St, Melbourne.
Dust is a multi-sensory label with five divisions corresponding to each of the five senses.
Produced all in-store collateral including roughly 50 prints for apparel, packaging for our fragrance, candle, and a 12" release by Robin Fox.
Store Photo Credit: Peter Bennetts
Apparel Photo Credit: Antuong Nguyen

Concept and packaging for the 12" 'atmp(r)l; cycle 1' by Robin Fox.
Produced with its own partner fragrance of the same name, and cut by legendary engineer Noel Summerville (Aphex Twin, The Clash). The track being based on the element of air, the entire package was vacuum sealed.
The A-side is a visualisation of the spectrogram of the audio, showing only the peak bins in a logarithmic frequency scale.
The B-side is all data relating to the physical object: lat/long where the record was pressed, length of groove in meters, chemical composition of the vinyl and of the air on the day it was completed, etc.
Produced at Dust.
Photo Credit: Tom Ross

Designed as a 30ml or 5ml unisex fragrance partner to the vinyl release of the same name, by Robin Fox. The vinyl being based on the element of air, the entire package was vacuum sealed.
Formulated by Briony Wright, and produced at Dust.
Photo Credit: Tom Ross

Invitations for the DUST launch party, with a live performance by artist Robin Fox.
Once the capsule, which was weighted down with a ball bearing inside, was dissolved in warm water a small, clear plastic invite would float to the top with all the event and contact details.
Photo Credit: Tom Ross

Concept and packaging for a candle infused with the 'atmp(r)l; cycle 1' fragrance, with soy wax and a wooden wick.
Formulated by Briony Wright, and produced at Dust.
Photo Credit: Tom Ross

Art direction and design for Higher Arc Magazine #4, in collaboration with Luke Brown, and edited by Mieke Chew and Will Heyward.
Higher Arc illuminates local talent through a wider contextual framework of international discourse, rethinking creative sectors and creating a space where the dialogue between art, literature, design, music and film can be explored.

12" sleeve for tribal-techno producer Linear B, released on Unity Records.

Linear B takes his name from the syllabic script that was used for writing Cycladic Greek, the earliest attested form of Greek from approximately 1450 BC. The idols and discs are all artefacts of that period.